Gulf of Guinea

Generally, the Gulf of Guinea is commonly known due to its history and also its location. Usually, it is located at the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, it is also between the Cape Lopez which is in Garbon and also north to west of Cape palmas mainly in Liberia. Usually, in Gulf it is where you will be able to find the intersection of the prime meridian (which is commonly known as the zero degrees latitude and also zero degrees longitude) and the equator.

The gulf of guinea usually gets its water from a number of rivers and thus it has a lot of water. For example the popularly known river Niger and also river Volta drain themselves mainly at this place or location. Additionally, it is one of the places that effectively have some loved coastlines. These costline usually are the bright of Bonny and also the known bright of Benin.

Additionally, the gulf of guinea also comprise of a number of island and thus making it among the most popular tourist attraction. Thus it is important for you to be aware of different islands that are found in this place

The Gulf of Guinea Island
This place usually has a number of different islands, thus the following are some of the island found in this place that you should know about.

The Annobon Island
This island has also been known as pigalu or either pagalu. Usually, it is referred as a small province that effectively associates the islets mainly in the Gulf of the guinea and also the Cameron line of Atlantic Ocean.

The Bioko Island
Generally, Bioko is a popularly known island that is located on the west coast of Africa. Usually, this Island comprises of many places that people can visit and also enjoy their time. There is neo-gothic cathedral; there is arena Blance beach, rainforest and other more places you can visit.

The Corisco Island

Generally, this is one of the islands that usually belong to Equatorial Guinea. It is a small island that is also known as Mandj, it is located at southwest of estuary of Rio muni that usually defines the main border mainly with Gabon. However, it has a length of 29 kilometers.

The Elobeys island

This island usually comprises of other two known islands that are the Elobey chico and also as Elobey grande. This entire known as elobey Grande Island usually is located at the mouth of river mitemele and the Elobey chico island is a small island offshore that was once a capital of Rio muni before inhabitation.

São Tomé and Príncipe

Generally, this is one of the most known islands in gulf guinea. It main fact of popularity is due to the Portuguese speaking. It is located for about 10 kilometers apart and also 225 kilometers from the northwestern coast of entire Gabon.

Generally, the above are some of the islands that are usually found in this place known as the Gulf of Guinea. Thus, this explains the fact; Tell me about the Gulf of Guinea

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